Details about a Life Size Silicone Sex Doll-Racyme Sex Doll

The Life Sized Realistic male love silicone sex doll is made from 100% medical grade silicone, it is the best for pleasure that you so wish for. She is not like any ordinary doll that you are used to, this is a real doll which very close to the real woman.

The male love sex doll, Silicone Sex Doll for male, real sex doll invites you to partake in her love, with her soft hands resting on the lower body, which opens herself up for your pleasure. Her soft skin almost feels like a real skin and her beautiful body is so lively, you will almost think that you are with a real woman.

Silicone Sex Dolls for male is built to handle any and everything you give to her, and you can lay her on her back or let her straddle you and ride you into absolute bliss. She is extremely flexible, allowing you to place her into any position that you desire her to be in. If you want to give her a good and proper reaming from behind, you can position her to stand on all fours, if you want her against the wall, you can position her to be leaned against the wall and ram her upward.

Make her wet and ready with your favorite water-based lubricant and slide your love deep inside of her and rub her soft silicone walls until you release your love deep inside of her. She will enjoy every minute of it, especially if you play with her large, ample, realistic breast while doing so. This beautiful adult sex doll loves all kinds of sex, and cannot get enough of it; the most experienced of lovers will have the time of their lives with her.

The male sex doll is so realistic that while you are in the throes of your orgasm, you will not be able to tell the difference between her and a real woman.

Once your done with her you can store her in a sitting position or keep her lying on your bed, ready and waiting for you to return to her and give her sweet loving all night long.

Because she is made of silicone, cleaning her up after a night of lovemaking is very easy. Simple soap and water will make sure that she stays fresh and ready for you at any given moment.

Do not hesitate to love her, she loves to be loved and will give you the satisfaction that you absolutely crave from your real doll. She's a very good girl.
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